Excellent mainframe — Imported compressor core components

Air mouth of mainframe, provided by Europe-based headquarter, is competitive in price and superb in quality. As the most advanced third-generation product, it has optimized mainframe with gear rotors (5:6 gear rotors. Contact occurs only on a lubricated pitch line to eliminate wear. Molded line has US, Japanese, British patents.) and high quality Swedish SKF heavy duty bearing, boasting better running balance, miner quiver, lower noise, longer service life. The efficient, energy-saving, safe air mouth is popular and reliable with long service life.

Compact structure

Modular design is used to greatly reduce the microcomputer monitoring pipelines and components. Compared with traditional compressors, its structure is more simple and compact. Special knockdown structure makes maintenance easier to save time of maintenance and cost of spare parts. Reliability is enhanced.

High quality figuration control system — Use imported components

Components such as air passage , oil conduit, electric control and oil chilling are imported with famous trademarks including Schneider, Siemens, H.MANN, HDERBIGER, BURKORT of Germany, VMC of Italy, MSI of America, AMOT of England, CKD of Japan, ABB ect, so as to guarantee the quality of air compressors.

Solid motor and remarkable energy saving technology

Motor insulation (grade F) and explosion-proof (grade IP55)。 Dustproof, waterproof and safer.

Special automatic infinitely variable control air input energy saving technology to minimize power consumption.

PLC microcomputer edits control system

The optimizing management of microcomputer and the control system of compressor are organically combined, that make the air compressor continually feeding air according to meet your need. It has self-diagnosis and self-protection functions and Chinese/English display control panel which definitely point out all the operating conditions. Multi-computer joint controller can be either intelligent or manual to control the whole process to realize multi-station chain control and distance control.

Unique exterior design

The graceful clipper-built design considers both sound insulation and elegant appearance. The integration of whole and part helps minimize quiver of the machine so as to guarantee super silence.