We blend "AIRPSS" into Chinese culture. The translated name "AI ER PU " in Chinese, means "to love all", implying the harmony between persons, and between human and nature.

Since the establishment of AIRPSS, we have achieved steady growth and formed unique corporate culture. The cultural concepts lay a solid foundation for the development and vigorousness of the company.

Development—excellence, efficiency, enterprising

The strong point of German quality is good quality and strict style. AIRPSS promises to market "option signify option reliable partner ", which is to promise bring two characteristic of attaching importance to quality and reputation to China, enter it into the quality of product and service. The key thought of outstanding pursue is created, it shows that "AIRPSSperson " never complacent, keep forging ahead forever and the life growing created spirit.

Technology concept—stability, maturity and innovation

We consider quality improvement and technological innovation as driving force. We improve quality by adopting and importing advanced technology in order to satisfy the demand of market and customers and make AIRPSS a world-famous brand.

Operation concept—communication, quality, value

Communication is the basis of operation. Quality control is of utmost importance. Creating value for the company and society is the purpose of operation.

Talent concept—Talent is the wealth of enterprise

Talent is the most valuable resource of our company. We work to enhance senses of responsibility, encourage creativity, and emphasize competition and cooperation. We work to bring the potential of everyone into full play.

Team spirit—human-oriented, cooperative, creative, harmonious

We provide a stage for talents and stress team spirit. Besides building an effective incentive system, AIRPSS works to create a culture of team-working, hard-working, learning and innovating.

Management concept—culture and system

AIRPSS sees corporate culture as an important part of management. We cultivate employees with our corporate culture to make them respect and love their jobs, be honest and creditable. Meanwhile, a scientific management method is applied to guarantee the quality of products.

Service concept—Your satisfaction is our everlasting pursuit

The satisfaction of customers is what we pursue and we will try to create benefits for our clients. We take the needs of customers into full consideration, before and after the service. We will do our best to satisfy the requirements of customers, and provide custom-made services.

Concept of being—cherish life, be grateful, be honest and confident, be diligent and thrifty.

Love is unselfish. We shall be grateful, to the nature, to parents, to friends, to colleagues and to everyone. Let love be everywhere in the world. We shall be sincere, honest, creditable and thrifty.

Environmental concept—the life of earth will last into future

The earth is the footstone for the survival of mankind. AIRPSS strictly follows principle of reducing environmental pollution and damage and meet environmental protection standards from design to maintenance. Employees are required to have environmental awareness, have a sense of responsibility for protecting environment and protect environment in practice.